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Shimano Tiagra Hyper IGFA 1000m

Upgrade to the Shimano Tiagra Hyper IGFA 1000m fishing line for unparalleled performance on the water. Made with premium Japanese nylon, this line offers superior abrasion resistance and just the right amount of stretch. Choose from clear blue or fluorescent yellow, and select from 15, 24, or 37kg breaking strains. Available in bulk for convenient reel re-spooling or top-shotting.

Line Colour Length Diameter
15kg Fluoro Yellow 1000m 0.52mm
24kg Fluoro Yellow 1000m 0.68mm
37kg Fluoro Yellow 1000m 0.85mm
15kg Clear Blue 1000m 0.52mm
24kg Clear Blue 1000m 0.68mm
37kg Clear Blue 1000m 0.85mm

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