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Shimano Thunnus CI4

Built tough for tough saltwater species, the Thunnus CI4+ range consists of four sizes from 4000 to 12000, which covers every inshore to medium offshore application imaginable. After free-spooling a bait down to where the target species lurks, the BaitRunner function is engaged. The spool begins to spin as a fish is fooled into accepting the bait under near zero tension; you turn the handle, engage the main drag and… hooked up!

Model Ratio Drag Weight Capacity (PowerPro)
4000F 4.8:1 7kg 360g 15lb / 265yd
6000F 4.8:1 9kg 510g 30lb / 245yd
8000F 4.8:1 9kg 550g 40lb / 270yd
12000F 4.4:1 11.5kg 785g 40lb / 440yd

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