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Shimano Stradic SW

The new Stradic SW range takes the Stradic family of reels to the next level. Purpose-built for offshore, saltwater fishing, the Stradic SW features some of our top reel technologies found in our top end reels. Drawing upon the Stella SWC, both Infinity Drive and Silent Drive are included which provides improved pinion gear support and less wobble inside the reel translating to more powerful, and smoother, cranking. Improving upon the Stradic FL series, the SW series incorporates all the same water resistance technologies, but also includes X-Shield, an internal structure that helps keep water out and protects the internal gears. Coming in a 5000XG, 6000XG, 8000PG, 10000HG and 14000XG size, the Stradic SW range will be perfect for those looking for a lighter, offshore reel.

Size Ratio Drag Weight Capacity
5000XG 6.2:1 12kg 430g PE2 / 350m
6000XG 6.2:1 12kg 440g PE3 / 300m
8000PG 4.9:1 13kg 650g PE4 / 300m
10000PG 5.6:1 13kg 660g PE5 / 300m
14000XG 6.2:1 15kg 700g PE6 / 300m

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