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The latest evolution in the Stradic range brings anglers into the next generation of fishing. This evolution brings with it improved casting, smoother reeling and increased durability, The Stradic outperforms all of its predecessors. For the first time in the Stradic class, the reel now features Silent Drive, Micromodule Gear II and a Long Stroke Spool for better casting distance. Durability has been further improved with increased gear strength and X-Protect water resistance.

The Stradic FL will carry forward the majority of the Shimano technologies that have made the Stradic series what they are today. The Hagane Body, Hagane Gear, X-Ship and the G Free Body have all found their place in the new series. All of these technologies help to make the Stradic a strong, durable and uncompromising reel.

Perfect for a wide variety of fishing styles, the Stradic is built to enhance your time on the water.

  • XG - Extra High Gear Model
  • HG - High Gear Model
1000HG 6+1 Power Pro 10lb/95yds 3kg 5.1:1 I Knob Handle
2500HG 6+1 Power Pro 10lb/150yds 9kg 6.0:1 I Knob Handle
3000HG 6+1 Power Pro 10lb/200yds 9kg 6.1:1 T Bar Handle
4000XG 6+1 Power Pro 15lb/280yds 11kg 6.2:1 T Bar Handle
5000XG 6+1 Power Pro 20lb/220yds 11kg 6.2:1 Round Knob Handle

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