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Shimano Sephia Limited S86M

Standing at the top of Shimano's eging rods are the Sephia Limited rods, surpassing limits from the past when it comes to light-weightness. With blanks constructed using Spiral X technology, the rods from the Sephia Limited family has carbon shell grips and Aero Titanium X Guides to reduce weight and effects of air resistance when casting. With Shimano's numerous years of experience and expertise in the fishing tackle world, the potential of each and every technology on the rods have been pushed to another level, giving birth to egi rods which take pride in being strong yet light. These rods are able to cut through air ever so lightly to give a comfortable cast and ear-pleasing whipping sound during casts and jerking motions of the rod. Anglers can now look forward to a shore eging rod which does not hold back the skills of experts with the True Light-weightness concept of the rods. When it comes to bringing out potential and skill in the egi game, nothing can compare to the Sephia Limited.

Model Length Sections Line Lure Weight
S86M 8'6" 2pc PE0.5-1.0 Egi 2.0-4.0 104g

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