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Shimano Sephia Clinch Long Appeal Jet Boost 3.5

Outstanding casting distance and slow fall will change the world of squid fishing.

This is a shallow type squid jig, with a slow sinking speed and is effective for large spring squid and cautious squid. However, the weight of the lure is reduced in order to make it fall slower, which reduces its casting distance and makes the dart action less sharp. The squid jig that can overcome this problem and turns common sense on its head, is the Shimano Sephia Clinch Long Appeal Jet Boost. As the name suggests, the Jet Boost mechanism, a centre-of-gravity shifting system, is installed for the first time in Shimano's squid jig and it delivers overwhelming long casting performance with an average flying distance of 52m. The sinking speed is approximately 7.4 seconds/m, which is a fall slower than that of a typical shallow-type squid jig. It has a long appeal in terms of both distance and time, and also has a Flash Boost to keep attracting reef squid during the long fall. This new type of squid jig, which combines an unparalleled casting distance with a slow fall, opens a new door for targeting large squid and the cautious squid in spring, when anglers are very wary.

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