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Shimano Sephia BB Double Handle

Building upon previous generations of the Sephia BB reel family, the new models are built lighter and tougher. Perfect for getting the best out of your jigs and in turn, making it easier to tempt those squid into grabbing your lure. Equipped with the sturdy Hagane Gear that increases strength, while maintaining smoothness, you’ll be work your jigs all day without trouble. The mix of the G Free Body, Ar-C Spool and One-Piece Bail also makes for increased smoothness and comfort cast after cast. X-Ship, bought down from top tier models, offers you more efficient gearing and more power. This in turn gives the angler ultra-light handle rotation with less effort, even under load. By increasing the efficiency of the Sephia BB reels, they’ll be able to perform at their best for longer. Coming in a C3000SHG and a C3000SDHG, these are the perfect reels for chasing Squid. On top of this, you’ll finally be able to pair them up with the Sephia BB range of rods for an awesome looking combo.

Model Bearings Drag Ratio Weight
C3000SHG 5+1 9kg 6.0:1 235g
C3000SDHG 5+1 9kg 6.0:1 250g

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