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Shimano Sedona FJ

Experience the ultimate in fishing performance with the Shimano Sedona FJ. Packed with cutting-edge technology, such as Silent Drive and Hagane Gear - tis reel offers exceptional value for money.
Silent Drive technology ensures smooth and wobble-free operation, allowing you to focus on fishing while the patented Shimano HAGANE Gear provides unwavering strength and durability, thanks to Shimano’s cold-forging process. Available in sizes 1000 to 5000, the Sedona FJ suits many fishing styles and is ready for any challenge and your next adventure.

Size Ratio Bearings Drag Braid Capacity Weight
1000 5.0:1 3/1 3kg PE1 / 190m 215g
2500 5.0:1 3/1 9kg PE1.2 / 270m 240g
C3000HG 6.2:1 3/1 9kg PE1.5 / 270m 245g
4000XG 6.2:1 3/1 11kg PE2 / 240m 290g
C5000XG 6.2:1 3/1 11kg PE2 / 300m 310g

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