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Shimano Saragosa 2020 SWA

The Saragosa SW has built an incredible reputation and the newly released 2020 model takes it to the next level. Packed with upgrades to deliver great cranking power and unmatched durability, no other reel compares at this price point.

The Saragosa SWA series features 8 models with the 14000XG and 18000HG being new additions for 2020. The new range incorporates top tier Shimano technologies such as X-Protect, X-Ship, Hagane Body and Hagane gear into its lightweight compact body. The newly designed compact body has been engineered to reduce the weight across the entire series, improving the reels handling and balance.

Drawing upon the Stella SWC, Infinity Drive is included and provides improved pinion gear support which translates to greater and smoother cranking power. The X-Protect water resistance system improves the line roller durability to an IPX8 standard, and the super strong Cross Carbon Drag system keeps the fight in your favour. Built for big fish in extreme conditions, the Saragosa SWA will continue to push the boundaries.

The new Saragosa SW employs 'Infinity Drive’ where the pinion gear inner does not make contact with the main shaft, as a high-sliding bushing supports the main shaft. The system features originally in the Stella SWC, and significantly improves cranking power. 

The Hagane Gear is produced by applying approximately 200 tons of pressure to the raw metal through unique technology called Precision Cold Forging. Hard and tough, the Hagane Gear has high durability and delivers smooth winding.

X-Protect is a water-resistant technology that combines water repellent treatments and a labyrinth type structure to suppress the entry of water. The line roller assembly is now 10X more durable with this system in place.

Hagane Body
The Hagane Body chassis is made of highly rigid aluminium alloy. It eliminates flex, warp and distortion of the reel, and protects the engagement of gears inside. This allows for smoother winding.

Saragosa SWA also houses Shimano’s super strong and reliable Cross Carbon Drag system that has proven itself against some of the biggest, meanest fish on the planet.

Model Bearings Drag Ratio Braid Capacity Weight
5000XG 5/1 10kg 6.2:1 PE3 / 240m 450g
6000HG 5/1 10kg 5.7:1 PE3 / 300m 455g
8000HG 5/1 16kg 5.6:1 PE4 / 300m 675g
10000PG 5/1 15kg 4.9:1 PE5 / 300m 690g
14000XG 5/1 15kg 6.2:1 PE6 / 300m 700g
18000HG 6/1 22kg 5.7:1 PE8 / 300m 915g
20000PG 6/1 22kg 4.4:1 PE8 / 350m 935g
25000 6/1 22kg 4.4:1 PE6 / 600m 960g

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