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Shimano Ocea EJ - Electric Jigger

The Shimano Ocea EJ rod, with its revolutionary Screw Lock Joint and Special Blanks Design, is the ultimate choice for targeting fast moving underwater creatures. Paired with Shimano's EJ reels, it can withstand powerful cranking forces, making it the perfect partner for any fishing expedition.

The all new Screw Lock Joint feature makes its debut on the OCEA EJ rods for improved joint strength so that you will not have to worry about the joints coming loose. The long front grip also enables the use of both hands during operations and fights with sea monsters!

Model Length Sections Weight Jig Line Drag Angle
B63-3 6'3" 2 164g MAX 230g Max PE3 5kg 45
B63-4 6'3" 2 172g MAX 300g Max PE4 6kg 45
B63-5 6'3" 2 175g MAX 350g Max PE5 8kg 45
B63-6 6'3" 2 181g MAX 400g Max PE5 10kg 45

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