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Shimano Miravel

Building on the foundations of the Shimano Nasci FC, the Shimano Miravel utilises a CI4+ body and side plate for significant weight reductions. Shimano's cold-forged Hagane Gear reel technology provides the Miravel with unparalleled gear durability. With premium performance at the forefront of design, Silent Drive – the same technology found in Shimano's flagship Stella range – features in the Miravel. This technology translates into smoother operation due to finer gear tolerances, less vibration and improved longevity. Purpose-built for finesse fishing in both freshwater and inshore saltwater environments, the Miravel is backed by Shimano's CoreProtect water repellent technology which increases durability and water resistance without creating a heavy winding feeling. Additionally, a screw in handle design has been adopted for added strength and convenience.

Model Bearings Drag Ratio Braid Capacity Weight
1000 5/1 3kg 5.0:1 PE1 / 190m 175g
2500HG 5/1 4kg 6.2:1 PE1.5 / 220m 205g
C3000HG 5/1 9kg 6.2:1 PE2 / 200m 205g
4000XG 5/1 11kg 6.2:1 PE2 / 240m 245g
C5000XG 5/1 11kg 6.2:1 PE3 / 200m 270g

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