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Shimano Game Type Slow J

The operability of jerking motions on the Shimano Game Type Slow J has been improved to enhance one of the most important traits required in the slow jigging game – the jig action. The bend of the rod is smooth, allowing for loads on the end of the fishing line to translate smoothly to the rod butt and grip area, making it less tiring to fight fish. The strength and bend of this latest Game Type SJ model closely mimics that of a one-piece rod because of the grip joint. Revolving around the fall action centred slow jig style, use all sorts of combination between fast and slow jerks, low and high pitch to control the speed and actions of the jigs. With the Spiral-X Core construction on the rods, the slim and slender blanks are able to withstand high twisting loads and prevent severe power loss to facilitate the jig actions.

Model Length Line Jig Pieces
B66-2 6'6" PE2 200g 2 - Butt Join
B66-4 6'6" PE3 330g 2 - Butt Join

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