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Shimano Game Type J

Shimano’s new Game Type J series are the latest JDM jigging rods to hit Australian shores. With seven models, this impressive new series feature improved blank technology and offer five spin and two overhead’s - ranging from PE2.5 to PE6 line ratings. Improving on the original 2015 series, the 2020 series features Hi-Power X and now Shimano’s patented Spiral X Core carbon construction to reduce weight and increase strength. Spiral X Core is Shimano’s most advanced blank technology and is built into the core of the rod using Nano Alloy technology and provides up to two and a half times greater strength and improved flexibility.

Model Length Pieces Line Jig Weight
S64-2 6'4" 2pce PE2 160g 155g
S60-3 6'0" 2pce PE3 180g 157g
S510-4 5'10" 2pce PE4 210g 162g
S510-5 5'10" 2pce PE5 250g 187g
S56-6 5'6" 2pce PE6 300g 247g
B60-3 6'0" 2pce PE3 180g 155g
B60-5 6'0" 2pce PE5 250g 175g

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