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Direct from Japan, the Exsence represents the ultimate in finnesse spinning reels from Shimano that can withstand the toughest saltwater conditions. A premium reel designed originally for the discerning Japanese angler, Shimano was challenged to incorporate the very best in Shimano technology. To ensure maximum longevity, X Protect employs an internal labyrinth structure that repels saltwater entry, even when exposed to heavy spray. Hagane Gear, Hagane Body and X-Ship combine to provide the ultimate balance between strength and smooth winding. With the Exsence now finding a place in the Aussie market, this reel is suited to chasing hard fighting inshore species such as snapper and kingfish on Squidgies. When a prize fish is hooked, the Rapid Fire and Rigid Support Drag systems provides drag power adjustment at will and a silky smooth line-out during the fight.
C3000MHG 11+1 PE1.2/150m 9kg 6.0:1 No
4000MXG 11+1 PE2/150m 11kg 6.2:1 No

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