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Shimano Bantam Pavlo Shad 59SP

The Shimano Bantam Pavlo Shad 59SP is a superior deep diving Japanese designed suspending minnow. Available in 59mm and finesse weight of 6g, the Pavlo Shad is available in 6 exciting colours. What makes the Pavlo Shad truly impressive is the 1.7m suspending depth, making this the perfect lure to target Bream, Bass, and other fish holding deep. With angled internal chambers that are loaded with two large bearings designed to produce a deep sonic rattle to alert predators to its presence teamed with a tight shimmy and consistent action. This is not only a deadly lure but also easy to work.

Shimano Bantam Pavlo Shad 59SP Features:
Length: 59mm
Weight: 6g
Depth: 1.7m

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