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Shimano Bantam Ligen 66F

The ultimate light tackle, topwater fishing lure, the Shimano Bantam Ligen 66F.

This versatile pencil popper is designed to revolutionize your angling game. With three distinct actions – walking the dog, popping, and diving – this lure will entice even the most elusive fish. The innovative Flash Boost technology emits sparkling flashes, making it irresistible to fish. The exclusive Scale Boost capability replicates real baitfish scales, enhancing its lifelike appeal. From whiting, bream and mangrove jack in the salt to bass, trout, jungle perch and sooty grunter in the fresh or any other fish likely to chase small baitfish or prawns, this lure will prove hard to resist.

Length: 66mm
Weight: 5g

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