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Shimano 24 Ultegra XR XTD

Experience unparalleled long-range casting with the top-tier Shimano 24 Ultegra XR XTD. Its Rigid Cast feature, alongside a lightweight CI4+ composite body, allows for powerful and smooth rotation, even under extreme pressure. Plus, with cutting-edge features like HAGANE Gear, X-SHIP, and INFINITYDRIVE, this 14000-sized powerhouse delivers optimal performance for your fishing needs. Enjoy precise fish-playing control with the Hi-Speed drag now using cross carbon washers. Exceptional performance in all conditions, thanks to X-Protect technology. Elevate your angling with the Ultegra XR's unmatched features and design.

Model Ratio Drag Weight Bearings
14000XTD 4.3:1 20kg 535g 5/1

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