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Shimano 24 Beastmaster MD 12000

The Shimano 24 Beastmaster MD 12000 is an unparalleled fishing reel, offering unmatched strength and size. With its impressive capabilities, this true BEASTMASTER 12000 is capable of conquering even the biggest and deepest sea creatures. Ideal for expert fishermen, this reel provides a reliable and powerful option for your next fishing expedition.

The BEASTMASTER MD 12000 is SHIMANO's most powerful and largest electric reel ever, created to deliver the overwhelming power and speed needed to catch big fish in deep water. GIGA-MAX MOTOR, with 2.5 times (*1) the motor torque and 38kg of practical winding endurance. The drive power that combines overwhelming speed and power is supported by a reinforced gear system that incorporates SHIMANO's superior durability and attention to detail. The drag force, which is the decisive factor in a fight with an ultra-large fish, reaches an astonishing 43kg, making it SHIMANO's most powerful ever for reeling in huge fish with unparalleled power.
The HAGANE body, a highly rigid metal body, houses this astonishing power. The body is protected from heat generated by the drag section by means of a heat dissipation system, enabling the angler to fight for long periods of time. The 80/92mm long handle makes it easy to reel in the fish when fishing near the boat's edge.
The strongest and largest ever SHIMANO power reel. The BEASTMASTER MD12000, a "true beast" boasting power and speed never before experienced, marks a new chapter in big game and deep sea fishing.

Model Ratio Drag Weight Capacity (PE Line) Retrieve Per Crank
6-1660, 8-1200, 10-900, 12-760

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