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Shimano 23 Stradic FM

Introducing the all-new 2023 Shimano Stradic FM - the pinnacle of fishing technology.

Experience unmatched angling with the Shimano Stradic FM series. It features the Anti Twist Fin line management system, ensuring a seamless fishing experience free from wind knots or loose loops. The Shimano Duracross, high-density felt washer combines smoothness with durability, while InfinityDrive technology enhances line lay and casting performance. Elevate your fishing game with the Shimano Stradic FM series.

Model Ratio Drag Bearings Capacity Weight
1000HG 6.0:1 3kg 6/1 PE0.8 / 240m 185g
C2000HG 6.0:1 3kg 6/1 PE1 / 300m 185g
2500HG 5.8:1 9kg 6/1 PE1 / 320m 220g
C3000HG 5.8:1 9kg 6/1 PE1.5 / 270m 225g
4000XG 6.2:1 11kg 6/1 PE2 / 240m 275g
C5000XG 6.2:1 11kg 6/1 PE2 / 300m 290g

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