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Shimano 23 Bass One XT+

BFS Model

The Shimano 23 Bass One XT+ boasts a dedicated action model, offering specifications that surpass its class. Perfect for modern bass fishing, this revamped model guarantees an enhanced performance for your angling needs. With its cutting-edge features, experience the ultimate in fishing precision and success.

BASS ONE is SHIMANO's bass fishing rod that has been loved by anglers for generations. The "BASS ONE" features a supple blank with minimal shaking to allow anglers to cast at will, which is a fundamental element of bass fishing. The CI4+ reel seat provides high sensitivity from the hand to the angler, making it easier to catch bites and changes in the terrain. The new model has been updated with special specifications for "bait finesse system," "swim and big baits," and "solid tip," so that anglers can use it for a long time with a feeling of familiarity and attachment.

Model Length Sections Weight Lure Line Carbon Content
166L-BFS/2 6'6" 2 115g 3.5-10g 6-12lb / PE1.5 96.9%

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