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Shimano 22 T-Curve Surf

The Shimano 22 T-Curve Surf is the perfect rod for Australian surf fishing. Designed specifically for beach and rock fishing, it features long casting, lure, bait, and slide baiting actions. Made with Shimano's renowned TC4 blank construction, this rod is durable, lightweight, and highly sensitive. With Fuji reel seats and Alconite guides, it promises uncompromising durability. The slimline grip section ensures long-lasting use in tough conditions.

- 10 Models in the range
- TC4 Construction
- Fuji K Alconite Guides

Model Length Line Lure Sections
1002OH 10’0” 8-12kg 20-100g 2
1002SP 10’0” 6-10kg 20-80g 2
1102SP 11’0” 3-6kg 10-65g 2
122SP 12’0” 8-12kg 20-100g 2
132SP 13’0” 8-15kg 40-150g 2
152SP 15’0” 12-20kg 60-200g 2
153SP 15’0” 12-25kg 60-250g 3
902SP 9’0” 5-8kg 20-80g 2
Shore Based O/H 24 14’0” 24kg 60-200g 3
Shore Based Spin 24 14’0” 24kg 60-200g 3

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