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The River2Sea Baby Vibe 35 is a legendary lure amongst Black Bream anglers and has accounted for many large fish!  It's widely considered THE BEST Vibe style lure for Black Bream.

Designed as a sinking vibe, the River2Sea Baby Vibe 35 M02 imitates a sinking mussel dislodged from a jetty pylon - a Black Bream's favourite food!

NOTE: Baby Vibes are sold unrigged.  If you require hooks to suit we'd recommend rigging them with a single treble hook on the rear.  Decoy #0 Split Rings and Owner ST36BC #16 treble hooks are a great way to rig them.

  • Length - 35mm
  • Weight - 2.5g
  • Unrigged
  • Lure Type - Sinking Vibration
  • Rig with Decoy #0 Split Rings & Owner ST36BC #16 Treble Hooks

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