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Ripple Fisher Silver Stream

Silver Stream/Seabass・Akame/Sea Trout・Sea Salmon etc
We have added 2 models, the “Northern” to target the sea trout and sea salmon in the SilverStream series, which were middle class land-based rods to target seabass, flounders and barramundi’s. 3 models in the Flows series to decipher the intricate current from its super sensitivity, 2 models in the Red-Eye series for the monstrous seabass and Akame (barramundi) and now the 2 new models in the Northern series for use with metal jigs or jig-minnows to target the sea trout or sea salmon consist of our SliverStream lineup. There is no power class in the series, and all have unique characteristics for the different species but there is one thing in common. That is the absolute butt power to deal with the lunker size targets. The SilverStream series are models which will perform to its limits depending on the anglers’ needs and usage.

SilverStream 87 REDEYE

The Red Eye 87 is dedicated for anglers who target the Akame, which are a unique species that inhabit Shimanto river, and those anglers who only have their eyes set on monstrous seabass. This rod is not simply a stiff stick, but holds a sensitive tip section for anglers to not only utilize large lures but also able to cast and control smaller lures. We have renewed the blank for the 2 Red Eye series as of 2017 model and have focused our attention on this sensitivity. The full grown old targets are smart and very selective at the least, and most of the times only take 9cm minnows. The 87 is a rod that holds both the power “to go head to head with 30kg fish” and the versatility to utilize various size lures for these selective targets. In addition, the grip section of the 87 has been set short for those anglers who prefer to wade in the rivers. This rod will surely assist those lunker hunters out there with its combined assets of controllability, sensitivity and sheer power.
Target Akame・Seabass
Field Middle~Lower of rivers
Specification SiC-S Titanium frame K Guide(Fuji)/ NANOALLOY® technology blank
Length Weight Section Lure Line Action Price JAN CODE
8ft 7in (Closed Length:1350mm) 158g 2pcs / Spigot Ferrule MAX 40g MAX PE 2 Regular ---

Suitable reel size ・S:4000~5000 / D:3000~3500
Grip length / 521mm(Grip full length)・396mm(From grip end to reel foot)
Dia of tip / 2.0mm(Just below top guide)・Dia of butt / 13.2mm (Butt diameter measured 555mm from the bottom of butt section)
Reel seat / DPS18(Fuji)UP Lock

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