Ripple Fisher Runner Exceed 100SHH Limited

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The RunnerExceed 100SHH/Limited is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2018 as a limited edition for production. It is a lightweight, highly repulsive tuned model that absorbs the impact from the fish while swiftly recovering its original form. It is composed of 2 different types of highly repulsive materials for anglers to challenge their limits against monstrous targets.
While the rod possesses the power for land-based GT fishing off the rocks or breakwaters, its lightness and lifting power will support the anglers at the moment most needed. We recommend anglers to try this rod for land-based fishing targeting massive blue-runners and GT where your usual blue-runner rod won’t cut it. Ideal to go head to head against monstrous Amberjacks and supersize Kingfish lurking in the shallow areas.
Our goal was to create a rod that possess the power of an XH class rod while having the lightness of a H class blue-runner rod.

The whole rod is stiff including the tip section, able to sharply cast out lures with the strong repulsive force from the blank. Anglers can not only comfortably cast and control large lures weighing 150g, but can also cast out smaller lures weighing 40g by loading the rod with the weight of the lure. With the strong repulsive force, the rod is also ideal for use with jigs. Anglers will easily be able to aggressively fight fish around 10kg with the outstanding lift power and tenacity.
Compared to the Final Standup SXH, this 100SHH/LIMITED is milder on the anglers’ body, bending more near the butt section for a more H class feeling of a rod. This is a highly resilient carbon rod not only ideal for anglers targeting monstrous size blue-runners but also great as a entry level land-based GT rod.

Presented here are static load of 5kg loaded onto the RunnerExceed Final Standup models. Final Standup are the ultimate land-based models to target the GT and other monstrous species off the rocks and the 105BHH and the 100SHH follow in the footsteps. Please refer to the comparison below to check for power settings. The 103H, 100SXH and 105BXH are equipped with overwhelming power and stiffness while the 104H, 100SHH and 105BHH are composed of the Nano blank that helps anglers endure the thrashing of the fish by loading the rod and utilizing its repulsive force to lift the fish.
The 100SHH is especially a highly repulsive model with the unique composition of different types of carbon material. Although it is a powerful model, anglers will easily be able to cast and control their lures while possessing a contradictory sharp feel to its flexible blank.

Ripple Fisher 100SHH Limited

Ripple Fisher 100SHH Limited