Ripple Fisher Runner Exceed

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The Ripple Fisher Runner Exceed series are land-based casting rods packed with characteristics required to go head to head with monstrous bluerunners off the rocks. Targets including your local yellowtails, kingfish, amberjacks to those GT, dogtooth tuna inhabiting the warmer waters. Our lineup of rods are designed with the capabilities to “catch” your dream fish in the harshest environments.

Recently, the number of anglers targeting 20kg class kingfish have increased and are seeking not only the power in a rod, but also the least amount of strain on the angler. No matter how strong a rod may be, if the angler does not have the power to bend it, s/he will be in a disadvantage when fighting off the rocks. Through the long and grueling testing, we are proud to announce the release of the 110H PlugModel in 2020.You can bend the rod and lift, stop the thrashing fish with its power, or technically fight the fish with the use of the long-leader system utilizing the bait-tackle setup. Each and every angler will have their own style but there is one thing in common and that is the “strength” the RunnerExceed series have.

We would like anglers who challenge themselves to the limits to first-handedly experience the lightness, controllability, resilience and strength of the series when most needed during the fight.

RunnerExceed 102M Nano Plug Model

The long-awaited lighter plugging model has been produced in the Runner Exceed lineup. With its soft tip section, anglers will be able to utilize lures ranging from 20g minnows, medium size diving pencil, and even jigs weighing up to 90g when the bite range is far and deep. It is ideal for anglers targeting Kingfish and Amberjacks to 5kg and Yellow-tail Kingfish weighing up to 10kg. The Nano blank will allow for a speedy and efficient fight using the repulsive force of the rod.

  • Length - 10'2"
  • Lure - Plug 20-70g
  • Line - PE1.5 - 3
  • Action - Regular