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The “new Real Crescent” series have been finely honed to further enjoy the deep and technical light game fishing.
They are equipped with the controllability and sensitivity to appreciate the technical jig-head games and also possess the power for anglers to enjoy targeting rockfish and bream. With the easy and light usability, anglers will be able to appreciate the sharp and powerful blank it possesses.
The high sensitivity, lightness, its beautiful bend curve and power will respond to each angler’s needs for the light game. The new Real Crescent series are the next generation of basic light game rods.
We have carefully selected 4 models in the spinning and 3 models for the bait-casting tackle. All models are highly versatile with the potential to target various species in various fields for the light game. We hope you can experience our Real Crescent models to strive for the next stage in light game fishing. (All models equipped with Torzite K guides and NANOALLOY® Technology blank)

Below, you can see a comparative diagram of the bend curve of the new Real Crescent series with a static load of 250g. The most basic light game model is the RC-65. The RC-55 is designed for use with a singular body jig-head and the RC-75 is for use with Carolina rigs and metal jigs. The RC-81 seems to be the strongest rod but able to utilize a variety of lures with flexibility of the whole rod.
As for the bait-casting models, the RC-57 is designed for use with singular body jig-heads and the RC-67 is ideal for both the jig-head and small lures. The RC-77 is the stiffest model of the series, suited for bottom knocking and dragging techniques to target rockfish and bream game. In the diagram, you may notice that the RC-81 and RC-77 have a similar bending curve and power, however they have a totally different characteristics with the 77 being much stiffer while the 81 being more flexible.

Real Crescent RC-75

It possesses the sharpest feel of the blank in the Real Crescent series for use in not only Aji and Mebaru targets, but also for various species of rockfish, bream and for the light seabass game. The sharp tip section will transmit the vital information on the current while enabling anglers to use Carolina rigs, Texas rigs, plugs and metal jigs with a high response. The strong butt section of the rod can deal with the unexpectedly large rockfish and bream measuring over 50cm.

  • Target - Horse Mackerel (Aji)・Rock fish・Seabass・Black Sea Bream
  • Specification - TORZITE Titanium frame K Guide(Fuji)/ NANOALLOY® technology blank

Real Crescent RC-81

This is a long length model designed mainly for use with Calorina rigs and floating rigs, but is also great with 3~5g jig-heads. Compared to the RC-75, the stiffness of the tip section has been reduced for a lighter feel when in use. With its highly sensitive nature, it is an ideal rod for anglers to search the deeper area at great distances.

  • Target - Horse Mackerel (Aji)・Rock fish・Seabass・Black Sea Bream
  • Specification - TORZITE Titanium frame K Guide(Fuji)/ NANOALLOY® technology blank 

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