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Ripplefisher has introduced a much sought after, 3 piece travel rod into its GT fishing lineup - the Ocean Voyager GTXpedition!

Available in 2 models (GTXpedition 81M and GTXpedition 81MH), these GT or Kingfish travel rods are designed to cover all your travelling fishing needs. The collapsed length has been made to 887mm (3 pieces) to keep travel size limitations into consideration.

Whilst carefully designing the rods, Ripple Fisher were able to perfect the action whilst keeping them 3 pieces. With its lightness, combined with outstanding balance and powerful fighting curve you won't believe these are a 3 piece rod!

Ripplefisher Ocean Voyager GTXpedition Bending Curve

Here are the bending curves of the 3 piece model “GT expedition” with a static load of 6kg. As a comparison, we have also included the bending curve of the Aquila EX83-6 and Ultimo83M. Both the GTX81M and the Aquila EX83-6 are specified as PE 6 line class and have similar rod power, but as you can see in the illustration, the blank of the GTX81M is stiffer.

It is, therefore, more suitable for use with poppers. If you are more interested in the light GT game using diving pencils, you might want to consider the Aquila EX83-6. The power of the GTX81MH and the Ultimo 83M seem to be similar in the illustration, but the GTX81MH is stiffer and sharper and once the rod is lifted higher, the GTX81MH is more powerful. The characteristics of the GTX series can be summarized as having a sharp casting feel while smoothly bending in once the rod is loaded with the fish.

Ripplefisher Ocean Voyager GTXpedition Comparison Table

Ripple Fisher Ocean Voyager GTXpedition 81M

This is a PE6 class, 3 piece rod designed to target Giant Trevally and Kingfish. It's ideally suited for working diving stickbaits, pencils and small mouth poppers. With is powerful fighting curve and sharp casting ability, Anglers will be able to cast into strong head winds, while maintaining balance and power while fighting a fish. Ripple Fisher has designed this rod to go head to head with 30-40kg Giant Trevally whilst keeping it a PE6 rod.

  • Target - Giant Trevally & Kingfish
  • Lure - Diving Stickbaitss, Pencils and Small Face Cup Poppers
  • Guides - Fuji SiC Ocean Guide
  • Recommended Angler Weight - 55kg+
  • Length - 8ft 1 inch assembled, 887mm packed
  • Weight - 380g
  • Section - 3 piece / Grip Joint + Spigot Ferrule
  • Lure Weight - Max 140g
  • Line Rating - PE6
  • Suitable Reel Size - Shimano 14000 / Daiwa 5500

GTXpedition 81MH

This is a PE8 class, 3 piece rod designed to target large Giant Trevally. The sharp action, powerful blank is designed to use with large diving stickbaits and medium cup poppers. You'll be able to effectively work these large lures with little effort thanks to the characteristics of the blank. The blank has also been designed to reduce the load on the angler when casting all day long. When tangling with large fish the GTXpedition 81H has been designed with a more powerful blank to enable anglers to put maximum pressure on fish in shallow water or rough structure. This is the ultimate 3 piece GT travel rod!

  • Target - Large Giant Trevally
  • Lure - Large Diving Stickbaits, Diving Poppers and Medium Face Cup Poppers
  • Guides - Fuji SiC Ocean Guide
  • Recommended Angler Weight - 65kg+
  • Length - 8ft 1 inch assembled, 887mm packed
  • Weight - 386g
  • Section - 3 piece / Grip Joint + Spigot Ferrule
  • Lure Weight - Max 180g
  • Line Rating - PE8
  • Suitable Reel Size - Shimano 14000-18000 / Daiwa 5500-6500

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