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The Ripple Fisher Ocean Ridge series are GT rods specially designed with Ripple Fishers’ brand characteristics. The lineup built up for the needs of the expert anglers requires manual maneuvering and will bring out the true skills in anglers. These are not your ordinary lineup and will not suit all anglers. But rest assured that these rods will feel like a part of your body once anglers have established their style and skill.

In 2021, we had brushed up and returned to the drawing board to renew the most powerful rods of the FINAL SPIRIT GT 79 and 80 to release the new GT78. The GT game is becoming tougher and more challenging each year and sometimes requires the use of supersize lures to induce a bite. The new GT78 is not simply an overpowered rod but will become your biggest asset in specific situations and against monstrous GTs.

Ripple Fisher Ocean Ridge GT Rod Bending Curve

The picture illustrates the differences in the bending curve of the OceanRidge series with a static load of 6kg. For reference, we have also included in the illustration the Ultimo80MH. The rods are displayed in different colors depending on model. The new model in 2021 FS78 is displayed in red. When looking at the bending curve of the FS78 and LC82, it looks similar but the feel of the rod is totally different. The LC82 is designed to hook up and fight GT from a distance. The bending point is set far from the body thus will feel stiff when fighting GT in close range. In contrast, the FS78 bending point is set closer to the butt section allowing for a more powerful and responsive fight against GTs in close range.


This is a model where anglers will be able to experience and feel for the distinct difference in the Nano blank. It is lighter, stronger and more sensitive while having an astounding ability to cast long distances. Anglers will be able to utilize pencil type lures and small/medium mouthed poppers to land those massive GTs. The blank has a smooth bend curve with increasing torque as more load is applied on the rod. It is an ideal rod for those who have never experienced our OceanRidge series or those lighter weighing anglers (approx. 60kg) who have the skill to smoothly transfer their body weight on the rod during the fight.


For those who want to cast farther than any other angler on the boat. This is an ideal rod for use when long casting is required or casting against head winds. It is suited for use with poppers and diving pencil type lures. The Nano material has not only increased its controllability but anglers will also be able to sense the slightest changes in current movement through the blank, line and lure while efficiently and effectively surface the GT. Although it is a long casting model, you will be pleasantly surprised with its lightness and controllability.


Although this stiff and super sensitive rod may be limited for use by experts, its true potential will be exhibited once anglers with vast knowledge and skills take hold of it. The Nano blank developed by Toray Industries. Co has sharpened the blanks capabilities allowing anglers to decipher the subtle changes in current and control the lure at the anglers will. The PowerFight 711 has remarkable lifting power and will surface GTs exceeding 50kg simply by loading up the rod and using its repulsive force.


This is the most powerful and toughest GT rod Ripple Fisher has ever developed with stiff characteristics in the tip to belly section for easy use with large mouthed poppers and outstanding lifting power in the butt. The blank is highly responsive and once hardcore anglers put his/her full weight behind it, the repulsive force in the blank will efficiently lift the fish. It is an ideal rod for short popping of large mouthed poppers and controlling massive 300mm class pencil type lures when the GTs are feeding on super large baits. It is not a rod that you want to be using all day long, but a rod that you want to bring out in hairy situations with gushing currents and rugged terrain.

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