Ripple Fisher Aquila ST

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The 2019 Ripple Fisher Aquila ST Rods have been designed as a standard model, designed for boat casting.  The blanks have been designed with good casting performance and fish fighting ability.

Ripple Fisher Aquila Bending Curve

Ripple Fisher Aquila ST Power Chart


The Aquila ST 78-3 with its shorted rod length is designed for easy handling and casting on small to medium boats.  The tip is stiff but still allows anglers to cast smaller top water lures and work them effectively.  It's an ideal rod to target bonito, kingfish and smaller tuna where small lure control is important with lighter line.

  • Specification - Fuji SiC Titanium Frame K Guide + SiC Ocean Guide
  • Length - 7'8"
  • Weight - 224g
  • Section - 2 piece butt join
  • Lure - 30-50g
  • Max PE - 3
  • Action - Regular
  • Reel Size - Shimano 5000-6000 Daiwa 3500-4000


The Aquila ST85-6 has a sharp action blank to cast small lures like a bullet!  When you have to cast into busting up Tuna or Kingfish in a headwind you won't lost accuracy or distance.  With a powerful blank it's designed to put maximum pressure on the fish, while reducing pressure on the angler.

  • Target Fish - Kingfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Tuna
  • Specification - Fuji SiC Titanium Frame K Guide + SiC Ocean Guide
  • Length - 8'5"
  • Weight - 338g
  • Section - 2 piece butt join
  • Lure - 40-110g
  • Max PE - 6
  • Action - Fast
  • Reel Size - Shimano 8000-18000 Daiwa 5000-6500