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Ripple Fisher Aquila MST

In the 2019 season, Ripple Fisher have refined and added various models to the Aquila series, which have already been popular for the boat casting game.

In recent years, the Kingfish and Tuna games have become more subdivided. They have brushed up their line-up to focus on specific performance in various situations and challenged themselves to develop a blank never seen before.

In the new line-up, there are 9 models. Ripple Fisher have categorized them into four different series, ST, MLT, MST and EX. The ST series are the most standard models, which are well balanced and fine honed to cater for various situations and various targets.

The MLT series have a combination of a flexible tip section and a stiff butt section to go after massive fish with light line. The MST series are the already popular models to go after monstrous Kingfish with sheer power and strength. The EX models have newly been introduced to the series, which are 3 piece pack rods for anglers traveling around the world.

The new Aquila series are rods built to defy the boundaries of fishing. It was their quest to seek lifting power, easy handling of lures, outstanding castability and last but not least, the ability to parry the angry fish.

Ripple Fisher Aquila MST
The Aquila MST series have been designed for those anglers with their sights on monstrous Kingies. The main purpose of these rods are to enable anglers to go head to head with supersize fish with the use of strong PE7~8 class line and large lures for situations when the targets are feeding on large bait fish like, dorados, needle fish, flying fish etc. These rods are not just a stiff stick with power. On the contrary, in order to deal with sudden dives of the Kingfish, they have been designed with the bending point to transfer towards the angler as more load is applied to the blank. It is a user-friendly rod for any angler to use as you can load your weight on the rod by bending your knees during the fight. The + symbol next to the power class indicates that the power and tenacity has been added to the usual power class.

MST 85-7+
This is a model for anglers targeting supersize Kingfish with the use of 40g~ 120g lures. Although it is categorized as a power model, the lightness of the rod will allow anglers to cast all day long and freely pursue the lightning speed Kingfish. As the bending point transfers towards the angler once hooked up, anglers will be able to conduct a steady fight by countering your body weight against the fish by lowering your hips and loading the rod even when you’re almost against the bow railing. Furthermore, the length of the rod will also assist you when conducting long casts towards feeding tuna. (Previous name: Aquila 85H+)
Aquila MST 85-7+

This model is especially designed for anglers who face the dorado pattern, requiring them to utilize large lures up to 180g for the supersize Kingfish. It is also ideal for those anglers who like to go head to head with powerful fish in shallow areas. The underlying power of the rod also allows you to utilize this rod for the GT game. Compared to the ordinary GT rods, this rod will bend over more naturally, which is ideal for smaller/shorter and even female anglers. (Previous name: Aquila 711HH+)
Aquila MST 711-8+

MST 82-9+
In the ever evolving Kingfish game, the need to use large lures has increased with the target feeding on large size bait-fish. The MST82-9+ was designed to enable anglers to fully-cast lures exceeding 240mm while easily controlling and maneuvering these mammoth lures. Furthermore, the Aquila MST series are especially designed to tenaciously bend-in while demonstrating outstanding lifting power when fighting against monstrous Kings in rough terrain and gushing currents. Although Ripple Fisher have designed the rod with easy utility, it is the strongest of the series and one will require ample body strength and experience to maximize its true potential.
Having said that, they are confident that this rod will help anglers in the toughest of conditions, against the biggest of fish while using these large lures.

Aquila MST 82-9+

Model Type Line Cast Weight Length Weight Pieces
MST 85-7+ Spin PE7 40 - 120g 8'5" 382g 2pc
MST 711-8+ Spin PE8 80 - 180g 7'11" 369g 2pc
MST 82-9+ Spin PE9 80 - 220g 8'2" 400g 2pc

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