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The Ripple Fisher Aquila MLT 82 - 3/6 Vermilion is an extremely limited, special edition.  With a unique red blank, only 20 were made available outside of Japan and we have 2!

The MLT is a multi-purpose model that combines a delicate tip with a strong blank to challenge the big game with a light line.

Aquila MLT: The size of the fish is large, but the predation of shirasu and other very small baits, so the tackle must be lighted, and it is impossible to bring the boat to the nervous minimal bait, making it more than normal A multi-purpose model that was born to capture the necessary conditions. New to capture big game with light tackle, designed to make full use of line strength by combining the conflicting elements of small lure's long throwing and operability, and catching big game without passing the initiative It is a sensory rod. It is a model that can be called another culmination that complements the Ripple Fisher Offshore Rod lineup.
* 2/4 of the model notation means that the rod class is PE4 Max, and the tip feel is PE2 class model. (Tip PE3 class for 3/6 and bat PE6 class for 3/6)

Aquila MLT 82-3 / 6

It is a power-up model of the MLT82-2 / 4, and it is also a PE6 class model that is good at developing games using small lure lines. The tip has the same feel as a PE3 class rod, but the base power is set in the PE6 class. In addition, compared to a normal 6 power class rod, it can be swung out with a light force when casting, thus increasing the flight distance and improving casting accuracy. While fighting, it is possible to fight without giving the initiative to the fish while keeping the pull of the fish. In the test fishing line, the yellowfin tuna weighing about 47 kg is landing within about 10 minutes on the Pe4. This is the culmination of the current Ripple Fisher's technology, which brings together the power of floating fish, delicate lure operation and long throwing performance.
  • Length - 8'2"
  • Comfort Weight - 40-90g
  • Line - PE3-6
  • Action - Fast
  • Reel Size - Shimano 8000-14000, Daiwa 4500 - 5500

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