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Ripple Fisher Aquila EX

In the 2019 season, Ripple Fisher have refined and added various models to the Aquila series, which have already been popular for the boat casting game.

In recent years, the Kingfish and Tuna games have become more subdivided. They have brushed up their line-up to focus on specific performance in various situations and challenged themselves to develop a blank never seen before.

In the new line-up, there are 9 models. Ripple Fisher have categorized them into four different series, ST, MLT, MST and EX. The ST series are the most standard models, which are well balanced and fine honed to cater for various situations and various targets.

The MLT series have a combination of a flexible tip section and a stiff butt section to go after massive fish with light line. The MST series are the already popular models to go after monstrous Kingfish with sheer power and strength. The EX models have newly been introduced to the series, which are 3 piece pack rods for anglers traveling around the world.

The new Aquila series are rods built to defy the boundaries of fishing. It was their quest to seek lifting power, easy handling of lures, outstanding castability and last but not least, the ability to parry the angry fish.

Aquila EX
The Aquila EX series are the ultimate 3-piece expedition pack rod without compromises. Today, anglers are flying around the world to target their dream species and the farther you go, the more limitations there are regarding your luggage. Through countless trial and error, the Aquila EX series have now come to shape and ready to travel with you wherever you go. Ripple Fisher have prepared a PE3 and PE6 class models for use with a vast range of lures with a super sharp feel to it. Although they are 3 piece models, it possesses a sharp feel to it and anglers will be able to bend and load the butt section of the rod to stop the monstrous targets. They are confident that these models will help you catch those rare species at the most remote areas around the world.

The EX79-3 was designed with its sights on targets like the Cubera snapper, Roosterfish from Latin America and other exotic species that inhabit the various Amazon ponds in Asia. As you are limited with your tackle options when traveling the world, we have created this versatile rod for use with a vast range of lures from the large jig heads, poppers and diving pencils. The rod can be characterized as being a little stiffer compared to the ordinary grip joint rods, but it is a highly responsive rod also ideal for use in the casting game targeting the bonitos and yellowtails from smaller boats.
Aquila EX 79-3

The EX83-6 is a model ideal as a light tackle rod for the GT game or Kingfish game. Through the countless testing phases, we were able to come up with a “flexible” tip section which is extremely rare for pack-rods, enabling anglers to easily control the subtle action of middle size diving pencils. During the field-testing, the butt section was able to stop the run of the GT in shallow waters of 6m, while the rest of the rod bending and absorbing the power of the angry GT. The rod has proven itself that it can be one of your trusted main weapons for your exotic expeditions around the world.
Aquila EX 83-6


Model Type Line Cast Weight Length Weight Pieces
EX 79-3 Spin PE3 40 - 60g 7'9" 263g 3pc
EX 83-6 Spin PE6 60 - 120g 8'3" 353g 3pc

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