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Rio Elite Tropical Outbound Short

RIO’s Tropical OutBound Short lines are designed for fishing in hot climates. A short, aggressive front taper easily casts large and weighted flies very long distances, while the powerful head design loads rods deeply and efficiently for effortless casts. A range of densities including Multi Density Control allows the angler to cover the water column top to bottom with this versatile line series. Now built with RIO’s SlickCast and DirectCore technologies, the Elite Tropical Outbound Short is the highest performance line on the market for delivering big flies to big fish under tropical conditions.

Ultra powerful, easy casting line built for exceptionally long casts –with low-stretch, ultra-slick performance

Heavier than standard fly lines for easy casting
Short, powerful front taper to cast the largest of flies
Unique, front-loaded weight distribution makes ultra-long casts
Low stretch DirectCore for hard, solid strip sets
Built with RIO’s exceptionally slick, durable SlickCast coating

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