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Richter Lures Plug 3oz

Ugly but deadly, the Richter Plug is the benchmark for a high quality, durable casting lure. The best lure on the market for Australian Salmon and copied by many pretenders. Also suitable for all sorts of ambush predators such as Trevally, GT's, Coral Trout, Mackerel, Mangrove Jack. Will outcast most other lures due to its tail weighted bias. Suitable for beach fishing and casting at bust ups from a boat or shore. Cast as far as you can and wind as fast as you can when the fish are fired up or alternatively let it sink and bring it up through the school to entice a bite on wary fish.

Length - 11.6cm
Width - 2.3cm
Depth - 1.5cm
Weight: approx. 3oz (85g)

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