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Protecta Reel Oil Lubricant 45ml

As an expert in the fishing industry, trust ProTecta Reel Lubricant for smooth operation and extended equipment life. This concentrated synthetic formulation, conveniently packaged in a 45ml bottle with needle applicator, provides 3500 drops of outstanding lubrication. With a single drop capable of withstanding 80,000 pounds of pressure, this lubricant outperforms all others, even under extreme conditions.

No need to clean up the excess! With a temperature range from 50 to +300 ºC you will get all season protection. No longer will your reel be sluggish on those cold winter mornings or weeping on a hot day in the tropics! You can use ProTecta Reel Lubricant with complete confidence as its advanced synthetic formula wont swell rubbers or cause plastics to perish. It is light enough to use on bearings but also has an incredible desire to cling to metal making it suitable for gears and exterior components. One versatile product! In both salt and fresh water, ProTecta will resist wash off and facilitate corrosion prevention. Its handy size allows you to easily store it in your tackle box, even lying down, making it easy to access both when you are out fishing and at home. Don't just use it on you reels! It can also be used on your fishing pliers and knives and thousands of other uses around the shed and house Don't short change yourself, use what the best reel repairers and tackle shops recommend; ProTecta Reel Lubricant!

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