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Palms Pin Wheel

The new palm Pin Wheel consisting of a group of rods specifically designed for the light salt game scene, that allows you to aim at a variety of targets. New models have been added that support new methods and game styles, while maintaining the commitment to the current series. New Pin Wheel categorises rods based on the rig and method they are mainly used for, rather than the target fish. This makes it possible to cover various games that can be targeted with light tackle in the series. The high operability of a single jig, the flexibility to accurately apply a following bite, and the high handling performance that allows you to make bottom contact with a real hand... The field expands in front of you from the moment you pick up the rod. 


Model Type Length Pieces Line Lure Weight
PFGS 69UL+ Spin 6'9" 2pc 2-8lb 1-7g 89g
PFSS 59UL Spin 5'9" 2pc 1-5lb 0.4-3.5g 77g
PFSS 76UL Spin 7'6" 2pc 2-5lb 0.4-5g 92g
PFSS 77L Spin 7'7" 2pc 2-8lb 1.5-10g 98g

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