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OSP Power Dunk 57SP

Generally, a shad-style crankbait is associated with more delicate spinning tackle. However, the Power Dunk SP can be used with bait-casting tackle in small lakes, big lakes, deep reservoirs, and deep rivers. Its powers are displayed most under tough conditions when the bass won’t react to the wide movements of deep crankbaits. Some examples of tough conditions are when bass are less active in colder water temperature (from autumn to spring), when the deep crankbaits are easily foreseen in clear water, and in reservoirs where the fishing pressure is high regardless of the season.

The Power Dunk SP is effective due to its long castability unimaginable from its body size. It can attract bass even in big lakes where fishing can be easily affected by winds. It is also virtually snag-free while fishing various covers such as riprap and weed. Shad-style crankbaits are commonly known to be hard to use around cover due to snagging, but the Power Dunk SP has redefined the uses for them. The miraculous snaglessness, the long castability, and the deep diving range of this crankbait have overcome the “impossibilities” of other hard lures.

Length: 57.0mm
Weight: 7.9g
Dives: 0-13.7ft
Type: Suspend

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