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Oceans Legacy Vengeance Overhead

The Ocean's Legacy Vengeance Apex Predator series of rods have been designed for fast-pitch, vertical jigging when you're targeting the hardest fighting fish in the ocean. 

The blanks are custom rolled from the highest-end Japanese Toray graphite with Cross Core Carbon weave technology for maximum strength.  The Oceans Legacy Vengeance series all feature Japanese Fuji Stainless Steel KW Silicon Carbine guides and Fuji DPS reel seats with custom locking nuts.

Impressively, during the initial testing of the blanks the XH model surpassed a deadlift of 40kg of weight at a 45-degree angle!  

The Ocean's Legacy Vengeance series of rods are designed for maximum jig action while reducing fatigue on the angler and help land your trophy Dogtooth Tuna, Yellowtail Kingfish, Samonfish - any of the hardest fighting fish in the ocean!

Model Type Length Line Jig Pieces
VNDG-B531MH O/Head 5'3" PE3-6 160-380g 1pce
VNDG-B521H O/Head 5'2" PE4-8 260-500g 1pce
VNDG-B511XH o/Head 5'1" PE6-10 320-650g 1pce

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