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Oceans Legacy Tidalus Minnow 92

The Oceans Legacy Tidalus Minnow 92 is a slow sinking casting minnow that is 92mm and 16g.  Featuring 3x Treble hooks and strong split rings.  The Tidalus Minnow 92 has been designed to swim like no other. Twitch it! Fast wind it! Slow wind it! They just work!

Extensively tested and proven throughout Australia on northern reef flats to south coast rock ledges.

Product Features

  • Sleek body with a bib that allows multiple functionality and target multiple species
  • Full stainless steel wired through construction for extreme durability and strength
  • Sink rate of 5sec / Meter.
  • Tuned and balanced to swim straight to your feet from high ledges
  • Rigged with super strong split rings and 3x trebles (can be replaced with singles of your own choice)
  • Features 11 life like colours with UV-reactive paint, including glow properties on select models
  • Features high quality Japanese 3D foil and flitter with multi-layer tough coating

Length: 92mm
Weight: 16g
Slow Sinking

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