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Oceans Legacy Roven Jig Rigged 25g

With the success of the Oceans Legacy Roven SPJ for offshore fisherman, they certainly didn’t forget the inshore and flats fisherman.

Wide bodied profile with 9 irresistible colours, these micro rovens have landed countless species. Rigged with micro Oceans Legacy stinger with the right amount of tinsel and tassel. Small twitches or light lift and let the jig do all the work! You be amazed by the results. 6G 10G 15G 25G these are perfect snack size for all species willing to munch on a artificial. All UV bodied and all glow with select colours full radioactive glow colours.

Target species landed so far..
✅ Flathead
✅ Flounder
✅ Tailor/blue fish
✅ Herring
✅ Tarwhine and Black bream
✅ King George
✅ Salmon
✅ Silver Trev / Skippy
✅ Pink Snapper

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