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Ocean's Legacy Origin Slow Jigging Overhead

Ocean's Legacy Origin Slow Jigging overhead rods are some of the best best quality slow jigging rods on the market. The Origin slow rods are the perfect rod for the angler chasing a Japanese inspired ultra crisp and lightweight slow jigging rod. The recovery/taper of the blanks make working jigs and fighting fish a pleasure. The responsiveness of the blank allows you to effortlessly work your jigs and detect even the smallest of hits. 

The Slow Element Jigging Overhead Rods match up perfectly with small overhead jigging reels such as Ocea Jiggers in the 1500 and 2000 size,  Saltiga Bay Jiggers in the 100 and 200 size, Jigging Master PE2-PE4 Powerspells, ect.

 Model Length Type Weight Line Jig Pieces
ORSJ-B64L 6'4" Overhead 120g PE#0.8-2  60-150g 1
ORSJ-B64ML 6'4" Overhead 135g PE#1-2.5 100-250g 1
ORSJ-B63M 6'3" Overhead 135g PE#1.2-3 150-350g 1


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