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Oceans Legacy Keeling Stickbait 230

Introducing the Oceans Legacy Keeling Stickbait 230 - a versatile sinking stickbait tested and proven in the harshest conditions. Designed for the ultimate fishing experience, with unparalleled performance in the Cocos Keeling Islands, Montebello Islands, Great Barrier Reef, and more. Elevate your fishing game with our top-of-the-line stickbait.

The sleek body makes the Keeling lure easy to use and allows anglers to impart a realistic life-like baitfish action to entice the fussiest of predators. Actions such as

Straight wind – Straight swimming action
Twitch and pause – Imitates a struggling baitfish, with a seductive flutter on the drop
Traditional slow/fast sweeping – Recreates fleeing prey behaviour
A moderate sinking rate (approx 4.5sec/M) allows for presentation at various depths to target predators throughout the water column.

The Keeling lure is weighted and balanced to retain exceptional lure action and maximum casting distance, even in windy conditions.

It comes with Ocean’s Legacy own custom designed hardware, with super strong split rings and single hooks. Anglers can choose to replace these with single or treble hooks as required.

All models feature wire-through construction so anglers can pull hard when extracting fish from rough ground. Additionally, the lighter range of lures can be presented with confidence during situations when larger predators are honed in on smaller baitfish.

Colour range features 11 attractive options featuring UV-reactive paint, including glow properties on select options. High quality Japanese 3D foil and glitter with a multilayer tough coating are used to complete the finish.

Length: 230mm
Weight: 134g

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