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Oceans Legacy Hard Body Lure Pouch

Ocean’s Legacy Scout Lure Pouches are made with the highest quality TPU material ensuring abrasion resistance from hooks and saltwater conditions. They are individually sleeved to ensure all lures get the love they deserve. All sleeves are designed with concealed water drainage holes for cleaning purposes. Extremely durable stitching & quality Japanese velcro for long lasting use.

Available in Small, Medium and Large

Small Pouch
Holds 32 hard body lures. (16 each side)

Medium Pouch
Holds 46 hard body lures ranging from 100-130mm rigged with trebles & 160mm rigged with singles.

Large Pouch
Holds 32 hard body lures ranging from 160-230mm rigged with singles. Inner Sleeves holds 10 large hard body poppers & trolling lures rigged with trebles.

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