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Oceans Legacy Elementus Slow Spin

Ocean’s Legacy’s relentless pursuit to build the ultimate power slow pitch for big game has resulted in the Elementus Slow Pitch. Building on our highly successful “Slow Element” series that punched well above it’s price tag and labelled best bang for buck slow pitch rod in Australia. Using multi blend high grade Toray graphite & Cross Core Technology, we were able to achieve an increase in strength by up to 28% yet improving responsiveness by 15% without any additional weight over the Slow Element series. Our test results for the PE3 blank dead lifted 27.6kg @ 45 degrees.

Model Type Length Line Jig Pieces
ESSJ-S631ML Spin 6'3" PE2 80-220g 1pce
ESSJ-S631M Spin 6'3" PE3 120-320g 1pce
ESSJ-S631MH Spin 6'3" PE4 160-430g 1pce

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