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Oceans Legacy Aggressor Offshore Plugging

The Aggressor “Heavy Plugging” was 3 years in the making. After testing multiple blanks with variation on guide placements, Ocean’s Legacy is proud to release a product that will plug a lure unlike any other rod and provide unrivalled power. Built with the ideology of landing the biggest GT and the biggest of yellowfin tuna in the roughest seas, we ensured our custom blanks were reinforced with 2x multi Cross Core Carbon and multi blend Japanese Toray graphite to provide maximum lure action yet having torque when required to stop any fish. The Aggressor series features the highest quality Japanese componentry from Fuji. It employs Fuji DPS reel seat and custom locking nut designed for Ocean’s Legacy as well as Fuji KW stainless steel double foot with SIC rings to provide the best heat dispersion and durability. Extensively tested at Cocos Keeling Islands, Montebello Islands, Cook Island and also abroad in Fiji and Oman.

Model Type Length Line Lure Pieces
AGS-S832MH Spin 8'3" PE6 Max 60-150g 2pce
AGS-S822H Spin 8'2" PE8 Max 80-170g 2pce
AGS-S7112XH Spin 7/11" PE10 Max 100-200g 2pce

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