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Nomad Vertrex Swim Vibe 130mm

The Nomad Vertex Swim 130mm is a soft vibe with a unique swimming action as it sinks, while also vibrating when lifted creating an irresistible action for any fish species.  With a finely tuned body shape and internal weight system, the Vertex Swim glides and swims like a baitfish.  While lifting the rod or free-falling the Vertex Swim swims with realistic vibrating action.

The Nomad Vertex Swim has been designed to fish vertical or cast, with the best action created with fast rod lifts to give vibration, followed by slack line to allow downward swimming.


  • Length 130mm
  • Weight 53g
  • Suitable to fish depths up to 30m
  • Fully wired internals for extra strength
  • High-quality strong BKK Trebles and Split Rings
  • First soft Vibe with a swimming action while free falling
  • The swimming action is completely random imitating a wounded baitfish
  • Vibrates when lifted
  • Perfect for faster retrieves and for fish schooled mid-water or feeding on the bottom

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