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Nomad Vertrex Max 110

The Nomad Vertrex Max 110mm has been designed for maximum depth and vibration.  The deep body profile combined with tuned internal weights allows the Nomad Vertrex Max to sink and not spin while sinking.  This allows you to get your lure down to the strike zone faster.  The deep body allows for a huge amount of vibration at low speeds while gently hopping the lure along the bottom.

The Nomad Vertex Max has been designed to cast or vertically jig, with constant or stop-start retrieval.


  • Length 110mm
  • Weight 36g
  • Suitable for depths up to 35m
  • Fully wired internals for extra strength
  • High-quality strong BKK Trebles and Split Rings
  • Maximum Vibration and Maximum Depth
  • Deep Shape creates more vibration than any other soft vibe at low speeds
  • Balance designs allow the Vertrex Max to sink level and not spin while sinking allowing it to get down faster.
  • The sink rate of the Vertex Max is about 2X faster than the Swim model

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