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Nomad Squidtrex 95 Vibe

Experience the thrill of big-fish fishing with The Nomad Squidtrex 95 - 95mm 32g Vibe, a world-first in fishing tackle. With its patented design, this vibrating lure mimics the realistic swimming action of a squid like no other. Designed to tackle big fish, The Nomad Squidtrex 95 - 95mm 32g Vibe features an internal weight system for fast sinking in deeper waters, a crazy vibration wobble at medium to high speeds, and a strong and durable TPE construction. The heavy duty through wire construction and heavy gauge hooks ensure a secure hookup, while the authentic shape and movement of the Squidtrex is unmatched. The tentacles move and wave in the water, even when at rest, and the assist hooks are designed to sit at 60 degrees for the best hookup rate. With an additional eyelet on the belly for added hook placement and a squid scent additive for a realistic squid effect, The Nomad Squidtrex 95 - 95mm 32g Vibe is a versatile and must-have fishing lure for any angler.

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