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Nomad Design Jig Wallet

The Nomad Design Jig Wallet is purpose built for rigged and ready storage of jigs with hooks attached and features a unique Hook Mesh storage system to keep your jigs neatly rigged and ready for action. No more messing around with having to attach hooks to your jigs, just connect your jig and fish. It also has the ability to add an optional Insert Sleeve (sold separately) to double the amount of storage.

The Jig Wallet features 12 individual Mesh pockets, which can comfortably store up to 24 large (320g) jigs in the wallet, or by adding the Velcro Insert Sleeve it doubles your storage capacity to 24 pockets fitting a total of 48+ large jigs.

Each pocket can also fit up to 4 smaller 60-80g jigs, fitting a total of 96+ small jigs in the total system or simply mix and match.

The optional sleeve can also be used separately as a handy jig or lure storage unit, and with its strong waterproof material and Velcro cover it is ready to hold your jigs safe and secure. This jig storage system is built strong for the toughest conditions and is designed to perform and last when it matters.

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