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The Undertaker Classic Barra, a long-time favourite with barra and cod anglers around the Country and a workhorse rod for pro guides and charter boat operators, has now been produced as an Upgrader model. The heart of the Undertaker – its superb castability and reserve power – the features that have popularized it with impoundment barra anglers, have been retained, while we have enhanced its outstanding performance by adding a few refinements. Take for example Fuji’s BLDBAG anti-fouling, ultra-light sloped Alconite guides which we’ve fitted to the tip section, matched with a Fuji BMNAT anti-fouling Alconite tip guide. This set-up minimizes tangles and break-offs by allowing braided line to slip-over the guides. We’ve added a split Tennessee grip for greater comfort and weight reduction and matched this with an eye-pleasing Nitro branded gloss real seat. Purple trim on the rod bindings and purple bromides for the Nitro emblem gives the Undertaker Upgrader that distinctive, understated classic look. And finally, an embroidered Cordura protective carry case completes the package.

Model Length Pieces Line Weight Lure Weight
Undertaker Classic Barra

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